The Forbidden Wish


The Forbidden Wish: Zahra, one of the most powerful jinni, was always remembered throughout time as the traitor to the great Queen Roshana. Since her treachery, Zahra has been in her lamp for five hundred years, waiting underground in a gem garden until a new master will come for her. Lead to her by an enchanted ring, Aladdin discovers her lamp and becomes her new master. But Zahra has struck a deal with the Jinn king and she must find one of her own kind in the palace. Using Aladdin, she is able to get into the palace to complete her mission for freedom. But freedom comes at a cost, and loving a mortal boy will ruin her last chance to break the bond between her and the lamp.

Review: THIS. IS. MY. NEWEST. FAVORITE. BOOK. EVER! I want to say “I am utterly speechless” and leave it at that, but I know you guys miiiiiight want to know what this book is about so here I am, writing to you. The book is actually in 2nd person, the reader is in fact a character in the story (I won’t tell you who though). I don’t like 2nd person books because I find them to be confusing, but this book is mostly in 1st person so much that you become used to it when Zahra mentions “you” a lot. Zahra is brave and at times prideful, but she realizes what it really means to be free and I loved reading how she came to that conclusion. Aladdin is your regular thief, but he is funny at times and he changes from this heartbreaker boy into a good man, and yes, I believe you’ll fall in love with him as well. The battles are captivating and I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU SAY, BUT ALADDIN IS DESTINED TO BE WITH ZAHRA, so no *does hand motions* outside shipping of any kind. I’m just ranting now, this isn’t much of a review, but your still reading so I’ll keep going. This book definitely deserves 5/5 stars! I recommend this to everyone!

More: If you want more of this amazing author of my new favorite book (sorry to my old favorite, I’m very fickle) than check Jessica Khoury out here. I loved this book (as you can see) and I hope you will soon love it too. Now, if you liked all this … opinionated ranting, than click that Like button and if you didn’t then don’t, but I’d much appreciate it if you did. Plus, if you have more minutes in the day, click that Follow button too! I’ll be back soon, bye!

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