Unhooked: Gwendolyn Allister has never settled in one place. Her mother was always convinced that there were creatures in the world who would come after them, but Gwen never believed in her. Gwen, her friend Olivia, and her mother decide to stay in London for awhile during one of her mother’s attempts at finding safety. But it isn’t long before dark monsters kidnap her and Olivia to take them to another world, Neverland. There, Gwen meets a pirate boy who seems more like a hero than a villain, and another boy who claims to be a savior but has said nothing but lies. Gwen must find a way back home for her and her friend until her memories of the life she once had disappear altogether. The tale seems to be twisted in this place, and good and bad blur together until Gwen isn’t sure who’s side she should trust more.

Review: I was totally blown away!!! I haven’t seen the first Peter Pan movie, only the second, but this book was a great take on the original tale. I enjoyed Gwen’s moments of being the damsel in distress, I always like reading about someone who needs saving until the character finds their own strength. Books like that are fun to read and I couldn’t put this one down because of all the action going on in it. Gwen is from the 21st century and she’s ripped from her world into one of magic and impossibilities. This book was clearly well written and descriptive and I bet it was difficult to write so thumbs up to you Lisa Maxwell! 🙂 Overall, 4/5 stars on Goodreads, I suggest you check this book out if you love your fairy tale retellings.

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