Nearly Gone

Nearly Gone: Nearly (Leigh) Boswell’s goal in life in winning that scholarship and finally getting out of her trailer park. Nearly lives alone with her mother, who’s barely around, ever since her father left. Since then she has been reading the Missed Connections paper every Friday, thinking her father will someday give her a message. But she finds a disturbing message, different from the others, and can’t quite place it until she finds out they’re linked to her and her classmate’s murders. Nearly isn’t the only one to know this, the police have also sent and undercover cop to watch over her, thinking that she may know more about the murders than she’s leads on. But who can she trust with her secrets to help her figure it out, and can she find the culprit in time before the people she loves gets hurt?

Review: I love a great murder mystery! That sounded weird and creepy typing that out, but it’s true. It’s why I watch Sherlock and Stitchers so much. I just can’t seem to find a great YA mystery book that leaves me thinking and riffling for clues. This one was amazing though! 4 out of 5 stars! Nearly/Leigh is wicked smart, and only she can link all the evidence to the suspect. The plot was suspenseful and thrilling, and I had a few moments where I wanted to throw my iPad across the room because of the feels (it was an eBook). Anyway, this is a really great book if you’re into this kind of stuff like I do and I’m recommending this book to everyone!

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