Deep Blue

Deep Blue:  Serafina, daughter of Merrow and principessa of Miromara, is ready to become the heir to the throne. But she is flagged by dreams of the Iele who are only legend and myths. Sera doesn’t yet believe that they are real, but once Traho attacks her people and her family, she has nowhere to go except find these mysterious sea witches from her dreams and escape her beloved home. She isn’t alone, she and her best friend Neela seek out all of those called by the dream. They must outrun Traho and his death riders to visit the Iele, and at the same time they must vanquish a old evil that has returned upon their world.

Review: I give it 3 out of 5 stars. It’s a good book, but I wasn’t really engaged in it. The plot stays consistent, which is a perk, and it ends at a cliff hanger, which makes me want to finish the series. 🙂 Sera and her new friends are courageous, but they doubt themselves too much. It has a lot of mythology in the book which is pretty cool, and it is a good story to read. It was a book I saw a friend read a long time ago and it always haunted me that I’ve never tried it out. So I did and you can try it out too if you want, I’m hoping that I can finish reading the whole saga sometime soon.

More: If you want to find out more of the WaterFire Saga, click here to see Jennifer Donnelly’s site. I’ll get back to you guys next Friday with some more reviews. (I have a few book ideas, I’m reading two books at the same time which I hate doing, it drives me crazy I can’t focus on one plot while reading another.) If you enjoyed this post, and I bet you do, click that Like button below or that Follow button and make me a happy person 😊. I’ll check in with y’all soon! Bye my lovelies!


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