The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Includes Pinterest pins. Thank You! Thank you so much Jess @ The Mud and Stars Book Blog!! 😋 To check out this amazing person, click the link! EEEEEE!! Sorry, inner girly-girl. Okay, commence award in 3...2...1... The Rules (Obey me): Thank the person nominated you. (😊!) Answer the questions from the blogger who nominated you.... Continue Reading →


The Forbidden Wish

The Forbidden Wish: Zahra, one of the most powerful jinni, was always remembered throughout time as the traitor to the great Queen Roshana. Since her treachery, Zahra has been in her lamp for five hundred years, waiting underground in a gem garden until a new master will come for her. Lead to her by an... Continue Reading →

Meme to Book Tag!

Yo yo yo, it's your master of reading icebreaker here! I sound like DJ rapper right now haha. Yay! New tags for everyone! You get the rules: link creator *cough* me *cough cough* and whoever tagged you select 5 books that you've read and give them 5 memes to describe them You can create memes... Continue Reading →


Unhooked: Gwendolyn Allister has never settled in one place. Her mother was always convinced that there were creatures in the world who would come after them, but Gwen never believed in her. Gwen, her friend Olivia, and her mother decide to stay in London for awhile during one of her mother's attempts at finding safety. But... Continue Reading →

Inside Out Book Tag!

I saw this tag from Lauren at Wordless Reviews and I just couldn't resist! So check it out! Book Tag based on the Disney Pixar movie, Inside Out. Find a book that makes you feel the emotions featured in the film. I have seen the movie and it was great! Now, back to the tag.... Continue Reading →

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