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I like inspiration music (*pronounced moosic*) and I am a big Bea Miller fan. Ever since her song “Young Blood” dropped, I started getting into her music more. So I picked this quote out from one of my favorite songs “Paper Doll”, which is by her.

“Betcha didn’t think,

I knew what I was made of,

Thought I would lay down,

I wouldn’t stand up,

Well listen up,

‘Cause you got it all wrong,

This is your song, this is your song,

I’m not a paper doll,

Can’t make me what you want,

You just,

Build me up,

To tear me down,

Enough’s enough”

It works best with the music, so click here to listen to it if you wanr. 🙂 It has acoustic and a great sound, that’s also why I love it so much.

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