The Coldest Girl In Coldtown

The Coldest Girl In Coldtown: Tana Bach, one of the only survivors of the famous farmhouse party, finds her ex-boyfriend chained up and infected, and a strange vampire that goes by the name Gavriel, in one room. Tana decides to rescue them both, and go into the only place she can think of: Springfield’s Coldtown. Coldtowns were created once a large sum of the population Turned, it is where all the vampires and infected humans are held. There, she will face her fears and fight an ancient monster who has brought ruin to the world. She must overcome infection, death, and most of all betrayal.

Review: This is both disturbing and great. I hate vampire books, mainly cause of the cheesy love stories and blood (which I have a small fear of). This still contained the blood, but the love story wasn’t terrible and it’s different from all those other vampire books. It’s much darker, with a lot of depth and poetry that made the writing really beautiful. I always loved Holly Black’s style of writing. Tana is caught between doing what is right and running away, she’s got fire in her spirit and is really interesting to read about. Overall, it wasn’t as bad as I made it out to be, but this still changes nothing of my opinion with vampire books no matter how much I liked Black’s rendition of it. (Though I’m still open to trying out more, if it will change my opinion.)

More: It was still really good, and if you want more of Holly Black click here to see her site. Please Like and or Follow, if not for me, then do it for the children. (Children? What am I saying? Why am I laughing, that was a terrible joke. Oh well, don’t mind me.) I hope to hear from y’all soon, bye! (I forgot to add an emoji so here it it: 😋)


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