Multi-Review Friday!

No. 1: Carry On

Carry On: Simon Snow is the Chosen One, the Greatest Mage, the Savior. Mages everywhere expect him to stop the oncoming war and defeat the Hundrum. Simon never asked for all this, it all sprung on him ever since he found out about his power when he was 11 years old. He currently owns the title “The Mage’s Heir” and is (somewhat) taken care of by The Mage. At Watford, he has a roommate Baz, who wants to kill him, a semi ex-girlfriend Agatha, who ignores him, and a best friend Penelope, who would not leave his side and who will sneak into his room. Simon must defeat the Humdrum, but there’s also one thing: he can’t control his own magic. He will ask for the help his friends (and whatever Baz is to him) to help be the heroes of his story.

Review: (Keep in mind that I haven’t read Fangirl yet) This is one awesome book! I really love split perspective books. I actually enjoyed reading about Baz’s character more than anyone else’s because he never shows what he’s thinking about, and I liked reading what was on his mind. But all the characters are awesome, and they each stand out on their own. This book surprised me, it contained things that I wouldn’t normally read (like vampires, I don’t like reading about vampires) but I loved reading it anyway.😊 This book made you think, I like guessing the outcome of things (because I usually get it right) and the little things in this book each had a part in the plot so I enjoyed trying to put the pieces into place myself. I was hooked on it, and I recommend this book to any Rainbow Rowell fans, or anyone who wants to read a book that will last them awhile. (I read it on OverDrive, but it was about 1010 pages long.)

More: Fun Fact for those who don’t know, but the author made this book based off of Harry Potter and The Magician. If you want more Rainbow visit her site here!

No. 2: The Promise of Amazing

The Promise of Amazing: Wren Caswell is a more quiet, keeping to herself kind of girl. But she doesn’t like being told what she can or can’t do, she wants to break her quiet girl facade. Grayson Barrett is an all around player. He never thought that he’d ever find love, let alone actually have a relationship; he’s more of a love ’em leave ’em type. That was his way of life until Wren saves his life. Gray sets out to befriend her, but it quickly becomes something more. Wren knows that Gray is hiding something from her; Grey had a life outside of Wren, but he doesn’t want her to find out. Will secrets and lies break them up, or can they learn to push through and forgive each other?

Review: This is a good book, I really enjoyed it but I’ll give it 3.5 stars. I liked how it was a split perspective book, but I didn’t really enjoy reading Wren’s character as much as Gray’s. Gray seems to be the one who changes the most and I liked reading his side of the story. The plot went a little fast at the beginning, I wish there was some more background on each of them before they met. But, I still really liked it and I hope you do to. 🙂

More: Robin Constantine is a great author, so visit her great site right here. If you want more of Wren and Grayson, you can see where they end up in Mad’s and Jesse’s story in The Secrets of Attraction. (I’ve just finished it and it’s A-MAZ-ZING!)

No. 3:  The Book of Broken Hearts

The Book of Broken Hearts: Jude Hernandez is trying to get through a difficult summer with her father. Ever since he was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s disease, Jude is having a hard time letting reality set in. She doesn’t want to give in to the demon that is eating away her father’s brain, she wants a way to help. His memories are tied to Valentina, her father’s motorcycle that she’s found again, and she wants to fix it up for him. There’s one problem, the only mechanic available is Emilio Vargas. Jude has been warned that the Vargas boys are heartbreakers, and she took an oath and everything (it was pretty extreme at the time). But with the motorcycle that needs to be finished, and everything else going on, can’t she just let him in even when she needs him most?

Review: It was so great! Yes, it was about love and all that, but it’s more. It’s about family and finding your voice through a tough time, those are great lessons for all of us to learn. Jude is tough and sweet, she’s going through so much and she’s there for her father everyday and she give up sacrifices. I liked what Sarah Ockler did with the dog, she made him have his own thoughts and I thought that was really cute. (Oh! Is that a bunny? YUP! Bunnies!!!) I loved the plot, this one is a bit of a tearjerker. Overall, it was sweet and I really thought it was amazing. (I know I say amazing a lot, Bunnies? Oh, they’re AMAZING!!, it’s just something I do.)

More: If you want more in the Sarah Ockler fun then click ti see her site here. She has plenty more stories to share with you. 🙂

No. 4: Lady Midnight

Lady Midnight: Emma Carstairs lost everything when her parents died, and it’s no coincidence that other bodies are starting to show up with the same demonic writing as was on her parents’ crime scene. Emma goes to investigate who is up to the killings, but the problem is that they are all linked to the fey. The Cold Peace forbids shadowhunters and downworlders to give any aid to the faeries. But that doesn’t stop the fey from going over to the Los Angeles Institute and trading Mark, Julian’s half-brother, for the services of the shadowhunters. Now that Emma is dabbling in an illegal investigation, she must keep a low profile or risk punishment, or worse. She won’t rest until her parents’ killer is stopped. But is putting herself and others in danger worth it?

Review: Cassendra Clare, you continue to both amaze and intrigue me. All the feels! I’m sure that in the beginning, there is a love story brewing between Emma and Julian. I’m always like “Oh, he’s totally in love with her,” but then I change my mind, “Wait… maybe I’m wrong, they’re just friends… right?” because I can’t quite get what Julian is feeling and Emma’s description of how she feels for him is not helping my case. Emma is wild, she loves the thrill of things and going into battle, but she is also witty and girly. The plot was slow at first, but a few chapters in and I fell in love with it. There’s something about the stories that Cassendra Clare writes that are always so suspenseful and beautiful. I love her books, and this was one of her greatest work.

More: If you want to find out more of Cassandra’s incredible books then click the link here to see her site. I hope y’all enjoyed this post, if you did I must ask of you to hit that Like button. (Or the Follow one, I’m not picky.) I make reviews every Friday so I’ll see y’all later! Bye! 😃😋


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