Since You’ve Been Gone

Since You’ve Been Gone: Sloane is Emily’s other half. They’ve known each other for two, incredible years, and they’ve been stuck to each other like glue. But as the summer begins, Sloane disappears, leaving a confused and lonely Emily to a to-do list of things that she would never usually do. Thinking it could lead her to her best friend, Emily goes out of her comfort-zone to accomplish each and every task. With a little help from her new friends (Frank, Dawn and Collins), she might be able to find Sloane after all, and complete her summer adventures.

Review: Morgan Matson you incredible genius! I fell in love with the book more and more with every new page. You start to see Emily, who was shy and kept to herself, become more bold as she was coming out of her shell. I loved how all the little pieces fit into place: of how Emily gets to cross off her list. Things don’t always go as planned, but Emily always goes back and finds out a way to complete one of her tasks. The relationship Emily has with her friends (*ahem* Sloane) was really touching; and the feels, I highly enjoyed them. The author incorporates a playlist in a few of her chapters, and I like how the songs/titles can capture the moment. Overall, I highly recommend it!😊

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  1. Loved reading this! And your whole blog! it’s so amazing and puts mine to shame! (unless you like it and ‘smack that follow button’ of course in which case id be really happy… 🙂 Xx

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