Which Was Better?

Hey everyone, icebreaker694 here, and I wanted to post this random gif!

I like comparing books to other books but today I wanted to compare the book to the movie. (So yeah, I will most likely use Google for any assistance.) These are all in my opinion but if your opinion is different than mine than that’s totally awesome.




The Hunger Games! Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am obsessed with the Hunger Games.

Which was better? I’d say the book.

Why? The movie is awesome don’t get me wrong, but if I’ve never read the book, most of the scenes in the movie wouldn’t have made sense. Just by watching the movie alone, I wouldn’t have known the importance/depth of many things, plus the movie cuts some things out from the book. Like the avoxes, they represented the capital having control over people, I wouldn’t have picked that up from the movie alone if they incorporated them in the first movie.

I am also partial to the movie a lot too. They portrayed the book very well, and overall it was great; they improved Katniss’s character compared to the book version of her. (Mainly, because Jennifer Lawrence is one of my favorite actresses.)


Which was better? I’m sorry, but I have to say the movie.

Why? The book was really great, but I loved how the movie made everything look. It’s just small things, like when Hazel texted Augustus they showed the texts onscreen, and I enjoyed watching when they went to Amsterdam. I couldn’t really picture it well enough in my head that’s why, I guess, I liked seeing it so much.


I’ve only seen parts of the movie, but I’ve seen enough to compare it with the book

Which was better? The book.

Why? Mainly, I’ve viewed the book differently from the movie. That, and the fact that the movie adds stuff isn’t in the book. I mean like Fiona, she and Jonas are just friends and nothing more in the book, but in the movie they have some kind of “thing”. Some people might have shipped them and enjoyed seeing it come true, but I didn’t really think it had to do anything with the plot as a whole, so it wasn’t needed. (*whisper* A lot of people might disagree with me)



Which was better? Oh, the book.

Why? The characters. (Except for Lily Collins who plays Clary and Robert Sheehan who plays Simon) Most of the characters aren’t who I imagined. Jace kind of grows on me, but the personality of him doesn’t fit well with the actor. Same goes for almost everyone else. (And don’t even get me started on Shadowhunters.) But the movie was actually really great. Some things changed and as a die-hard book fan I didn’t really like that, but it was good and I loved watching it. (Except for Shadowhunters, it isn’t like the book.)


So yeah, those are just my opinions on the movies and books. It’s totally cool if you have different thoughts then I did. If you enjoyed this… non-reviewish post, then click that Like button or just follow me below. Tomorrow’s Friday, and that means a new review! So I’ll see y’all then. Bye!


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