YA Frenzy Tag!

Hi everyone! I’ve seen so many awesome tags going around and I thought it’d be cool to make my own! First off here are the rules:

  1. Respond to this new tag in comments (so I know if you can participate).
  2. Read through my Q&A.
  3. Answer the questions I posted for my Q&A in your own post 😄.
  4. Choose at least 3 to 5 other bloggers to participate!

Ready? Here are my questions:

#1. What book got you started on the path of YA?

Okay, when I was in 7th grade, I used to be required to do these book activities every month. I didn’t start off so strong, and didn’t enjoy much of the books I had to read. But then I had to read Ella Enchanted for one of my reports, and I loved it. Soon, I started getting into YA books more and more until… BOOM! I became me: YA fangirl at your service. 😊

#2. List 3 awesome book related gifs (they can be from the movies or they can just have someone reading in them) and add your own captions.

When someone asks to borrow a book, you’re like:

This is just awesome ☺:



Effie be like:

#3. What was the latest series you finished?

Oh, I have to think back on that one. (*momentarily paused*) The latest series that I’ve finished would be the Mara Dyer series. Other than that, I’ve mostly just started reading series beginners. I haven’t completed a whole series in awhile. I should do something about that.


#4. What is one thing that you hate in YA? What is one thing you love?

Hate: Books that include vampires. (Cassandra Clare and Holly Black are my only exception)

Love: Oh, that’s tough. I’m going to have to go vague with this answer, and say I enjoy reading about all the young main characters. I love YA because the characters are all teens (hence the name), and it can be more relatable to a younger audience (like myself). YA has more drama than any other genre (in my opinion) and I love that.

#5. Take this Buzzfeed quiz and post your results.

The quiz is “Are You Able to Identify the Real YA Cover From the Fake?” and I got 10 out of 10!


Well, I hope you enjoyed this tag as much I did! Here are the bloggers I chose to participate:

Happy posting everyone!

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