Bittersweet: Hudson Avery is still on the ice. Before she purposely bombed her score on national television, skating was always a link to her to her father. The night of her debut on television, she learned the truth of her father’s cheating and blew off all chances at a future in figure skating. Now known as the Cupcake Queen, Hudson keeps her daily practice on the ice from her mother, who is still heartbroken about her divorce. Hudson has been low on the radar for years, not wanting to return to the spotlight. It isn’t until she receives a letter about a chance to win an ice skating scholarship that she rethinks everything and wants back in the rink. But can she pull it off, or will she break down, unable to keep holding onto the dream.

Review: This is a great book, I am a big fan of Sarah Ockler. I’ve never read a figure skating book before so this was a new experience. I only have one complaint: ami without the ‘e’ in French is masculine, but she uses it for a girl, it should be amie. I don’t know why that bothers me, it doesn’t really matter. This book is full of feels and has its funny moments. 😄 Hudson is tougher than she looks, she may be Princess Pink (I referenced the book â˜ș) but she’s strong and knows what she wants. Overall, I loved it and I hope y’all can enjoy it too!

More: Sarah Ockler is such an amazing author, I really enjoyed #Scandal and A Summer of Chasing Mermaids. Check out her site here! I really hope you guys like my reviews; I make them every Friday! So, with that, click the Like button if you may, and while you’re at it, click that Follow button too at the bottom of my page. I hope to see y’all soon, goodbye!


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