Burn, Rewrite, Reread Tag!

Thanks! Thank you Emmajanebug for this tag!! I'll get right to it! 🙂 Rules: Randomly choose three books (Tip: Use the “Sort > Random” option on your Goodreads read shelf). For each group, decide which book to burn, which one to rewrite, and which to reread (a lot like Kiss, Marry, Kill). Repeat until you... Continue Reading →


3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag (2) Part 2

Hello everyone, I'm back! Sorry I didn't post this sooner, I had a hectic week. But I'm here and I shall continue this tag! Thanks! Thank you Simplyabookdrunkardblog for tagging me! 🙂 Rules: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote for 3 consequetive days Nominate 3 new bloggers each day I like inspiration... Continue Reading →


  Hey! I was scrolling around WordPress and I can across this great blogger, Paper Utopia, and she had an awesome idea! (Click her name for the post) She wanted a way that all book bloggers can get together and be penpals for April! I signed up, it looked really cool and I hope y'all... Continue Reading →

Some New Changes

Hey! I'm sure you noticed the new background and all. I would want to give a big thanks to Elizabeth for making my logo. She's the coolest artist and friend, so thank you!! 😊  

The Emoji Book Tag!

Thanks! I want to thank TheBookishUnderdog so muck for tagging me! This one looks really cool, I accept your challenge. There weren't rules written down for this in bullet points, so I'll just write them down here: Thank the person who tagged you Use your 5 most recent emojis and chose a book that goes along... Continue Reading →

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag (2) Part 1

I'm back, I'm back, I'm back!!!! All it took to fix my computer problem was unplugging a little cord. (That definitely proves how dumb I am with computer knowledge. I am terrible with computers, I always use Google's help.) I really want to thank Simplyabookdrunkardblog!! Check it out, it's definitely worth a visit. 🙂 Rules:... Continue Reading →

Blogger Update

Hey so, WordPress is acting all funky on my laptop so I won't be able to do many tags for awhile. But, I am using another computer, so not to worry. 🙂 I just may not be able to do as much as I usually am. I thought the problem with viewing other blog's was... Continue Reading →

3 Days, 3 Quotes Tag Part 3!

Aaack, sore throat. I'm fine now, it's just scratchy. Anyway, here I am again with the 3 days, 3 Quotes Tag from Emmajanebug (thank you btw). This is a really neat tag, and here I am with the rules. (*zoop*) I order you to follow my rules: Thank the person who nominated you Post a quote... Continue Reading →

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