Multi-Review Friday!

Hey everybody! I over-read this week (silly me) and created sooo many separate reviews that there was too many to post on different Fridays. So I thought, Hey! Why not make one big review and post them all on one Friday so I don’t have to go through all that trouble? I thought that was a great idea, so thus the Multi-Review Friday was born! I will continue to make single reviews, or I will merge them into one post so there isn’t much hassle. These multi-reviews will be posted on random Fridays once or twice a month. (It depends on how much I read) So what are you waiting for? Check out my reviews 😄:

No. 1: An Abundance of Katherines

An Abundance of Katherines: A lot of people have a type. Colin Singleton has only one: girls named K-A-T-H-E-R-I-N-E. Not Kats or girls named Katy, Katherine. Colin has also been dumped, exactly nineteen times by Katherines. It isn’t until his heart is broken by Katherine XIX, that he decides to get away for awhile. He and Hassan go on a road trip filled with fun, laughs and Lindsey Lee Wells.

Review: I really enjoyed this book. I am partial to road trip books (ahem, Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour) and John Green, so I have the better of both worlds. It’s ridiculously funny and very creative. Colin is your average nerdy, [once] child prodigy. He knows facts and equations, and although he doesn’t quite understand the depth of most things, he’s interesting to read about as the story prolongs. My favorite part is when Katherine I (or The Great One) gets to stump Colin, when he’s studying, while she continues to ask ‘why’ over and over. (I’ve played that game, when I was little, with many people until they got annoyed)😀

More: I want to dedicate this review to Sophia (she suggested that I read this book) and Sophie at bookwishblog (whom I promised to tell this book about )😄. Also I suggest you visit John Green‘s website right here.


No. 2: Madly

Madly: In an alternative modern day, where normal people and Talenteds roam the world together, magic is a great and common thing to possess. Samantha Kemi is following the footsteps of her ancestors in the art of potion making. She is summoned to the palace, along with other alchemists, to compete in the Wilde Hunt. The Wilde Hunt is an ancient tradition, one that hasn’t been held in years, for it means that the royal family is in danger. Princess Evelyn has taken an illegal love potion and must be saved from herself. To restore her family’s name, Sam will stop at nothing to find a cure, even if it means risking her own life.

Review: The cover is just as beautiful as the story. This book was hard to put down. I just love Samantha’s character because she related to me in so many ways. She is determined, intelligent and a great character to read. (Plus, her mind isn’t thinking about Zane 24/7 because she’s focused at the task at hand.) The plot was very unique and very strong, it immersed me in the story instantly. I loved that it’s modern day, twenty-first century with a little twist: magic combined with technology. There is tons of mystical creatures for fantasy lovers, a budding romance for other readers and action for our daredevil readers. This is officially in my favorites category.

More: If you loved it, Royal Tour, which is the second book will be out this year. (I’ll post the date in Upcomings once the cover photo drops). And if you just happen to want to open a new window to read all about Amy Alward her link is here:


No.3: Time Between Us


Time Between Us: Anna lives in 1995. Bennett lives in 2012. These two should never have met, but once they do, they form a friendship that turns into something more. Anna has dreams of traveling the world, and Bennett seems to have been everywhere. Bennett is keeping secrets from Anna and she is determined to figure them out. Once she does, she discovers that there is something that is trying to break them up: time. Can Anna be the one to change her future, or is her future already set?

Review: This is a really sweet book if you plan on reading it. I loved all the characters, especially the friendship Anna has with her best friend, Emma. I haven’t read very many time travel books, but this one is the best so far. The author is very precise with the image of time traveling and I really enjoyed that. It’s not a sci-fi novel nor a tearjerker, it has a lot of heart and I really enjoyed reading it!

More:  I know that this is an older book, consider this TBT on a Friday. ☺ If you plan on finding out more about Tamara Stone then click her link here: If you have read this book and wanted more, Time After Time continues the story of Anna and Bennett.


No. 4: The Darkest Part of the Forest


The Darkest Part of the Forest: In the town of Fairfold, Hazel has dreams of becoming a valiant knight and her brother, Ben, dreams of true love. Fairfold is filled with great magic, and in the forest lives The Folk. They aren’t always peaceful when it comes to the subject of humans. Hazel and Ben always go into the forest to visit a sleeping boy with horns on his head and “ears as pointed as knives.” As children, Hazel and Ben created their own stories, making the horned boy a prince and the only thing that can wake him is true love, and even making him the villain that they must conquer. The horned boy is celebrity and a well known legend throughout Fairfold, until one day he is freed from his sleeping state.

Review: Brilliant, praise for Holly Black! It’s beautifully written and I loved the plot. It has the storybook style, but it is set in the modern world and is very dark and very insightful. Hazel is fearless, she embraces her weirdness and can go into a battle with enough determination to win. Ben is charming, the best brother to Hazel and is very creative. The plot is something out of a children’s tale, but it is twisted and turned into something that teens can enjoy. Overall, it was fantastic and if you love fantasy then I suggest this is a great book for you.

More: I hope you guys will enjoy this book! If. You. Want. More. Holly Black then, please, click the link right here: .


No. 5: The Siren


The Siren: Kahlen has twenty more years of service to the Ocean. For eighty years, she has used the power of her voice to sink ships in order to feed the Ocean’s hunger. The Ocean chooses young, unmarried girls to work for Her, and calls them sirens. Kahlen knows to keep her obedience to the Ocean, but when she meets Akinli, she starts to take risks. Her voice is deadly, a poison, and she knows it, but her love for Akinli is deadlier and could be the ruin of them both.

Review: I just love Kiera Cass’s books so much! I couldn’t take my eyes off of this one. (I spent the entire night reading it) All of her books are beautiful, and I really liked this one. Kahlen dreams of marriage and finding love, she makes wedding cakes in her head and in the first chapter she talks about wanting a husband before she dies. She was depressed during most of the book, but I loved it when she found someone who could take her worries away. (I’m a sap for that mushy stuff 😊) I really liked how Kiera Cass made the Ocean like a person, she made the water talk and have feelings, and I thought that the points she went about the Ocean never being thanked or appreciated was clever. Overall…I LOVED IT TO PIECES!!! ☺

More: If you loved this book, but haven’t checked out any of her other books, visit Kiera’s site here. Is it weird that one of my favorite parts of the book was her acknowledgements?

“I would write even if I couldn’t share what I made. I am a storyteller and hope I get to do that always. But the only reason these books are on shelves is because you wanted them to be. That is awesome. And though I can’t list all your names here, that doesn’t make them any less valuable than the ones I could.

Keep making things happen. Thank you forever.”

Yay! You made it to the bottom! I thought you would get bored on me. If you enjoyed Multi-Review Friday then give me a biiiig thumbs up aaaand click that Like button, and while your at that click that Follow button too (*psst* scroll to the bottom of my page to click it☺). Tune in on Fridays for reviews, or any other day for that matter. See y’all later and happy reading!



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