Fallen: Luce is the new student at Sword & Cross. Ever since the accident, Luce is blamed for a crime she didn’t commit and one she doesn’t even want to relive. Then she meets Daniel, who is anything but nice and won’t give Luce the time of day, and Cam, who gives Luce too much attention then she asks for. These two are total opposites but Cam seems to catch Luce’s eye while Daniel seems to catch Luce’s heart. Luce knows that Daniel is hiding something from her and she’ll go out of her way to find out what secrets he’s keeping.

Review: First off, the cover is beautiful! Let’s all take a moment and see it in all of its glory. *humming* Okay, now with the review. The beginning wasn’t very strong, but the ending totally was. Luce is a hard character to figure out, I didn’t really catch on to her personality until the end. The plot in the beginning was unclear, but it soon unfolds over time making it interesting to read. Overall, it was a good story and maybe you guys can enjoy it too!

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