Hi y'all! So I love to write my own stories all the time. The problem is... I'm not that good. But I don't really care, I do me and write the best stories I can. Most of them don't turn out to be long enough to be novels, or they have too many problems in... Continue Reading →


The Versatile Blogger Award!

My first award!! I want to thank Sophie at bookwishblog for nominating me!! 😊 Ahhh, I'm all jittery right now, thank you so much! Thankyouthankyouthankyou! Rule 1: Show award on your blog (check) Rule 2: Thank the person who that has nominated you (check; thank you again so much!) Rule 3: Share seven facts about yourself (on... Continue Reading →

Rose & Thorn

Update: Whose excited for Sarah Prineas's newest book? I know I am! September 13, 2016 is the release date, I got this via iBooks. I loved Ash & Bramble (click for my review) and I am excited for her newest book! Click the Goodreads link here for more information about the book. Happy reading everyone!

Multi-Review Friday!

Hey everybody! I over-read this week (silly me) and created sooo many separate reviews that there was too many to post on different Fridays. So I thought, Hey! Why not make one big review and post them all on one Friday so I don't have to go through all that trouble? I thought that was a... Continue Reading →

Question #3

What is the most common name you find when reading? A huge majority of the books I read have someone named Jack. I don't know why, I guess it's a pretty common name, but like 1 out of 5 books I read have someone named Jack. He's either a side character, the main character, or... Continue Reading →

Something New!

Hey everyone! I am doing some remodeling to my site a little bit. (I'm sure you noticed ☺) There wasn't anything bad about the old theme, I wanted to start fresh. I hope I'll see you guys on Friday, bye!

My TBR List!

Hey everybody, icebreaker here. I know this has been done before by many book bloggers, but I want to give y'all the details of my TBR list for this year. I also would LOVE suggestions from you guys as to what I should read. Yay! Lets get started. (Paperback books) Here are some companions that... Continue Reading →

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