Off the Page


Off the Page: In this enticing novel, Delilah has been through thick and thin to get Oliver out of his story book and into the real world. Living under someone else’s identity, Oliver finally gets to be with the girl he loves. But what happens to a story when its main character is missing? Answer: it starts to fix itself. So when Delilah’s best friend is sucked into the book and wants Oliver to return as well, she is met with some difficult obstacles that might be the force that gets to break her and Oliver apart.

Review: This book really opened up my mind, its a novel that I feel that everyone can connect with. What really happens when you put down a book? What if one of the characters inside wanted more? I just love how the authors create an answer to a question that I’ve never even thought of. This book, personally, is one of my favorites and I enjoyed rereading it over and over again.

More: If you loved Off the Page then you’ll love its first book, Between the Lines. If you want more Jodi Picoult then visit Happy Friday!


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