The Selection: America Singer never wanted to be part of the Selection. She never wanted anything to do with the prince, she only had eyes for Aspen. Then after a fight, she decides to do what Aspen asks her, to put her name into the Selection. Every other girl in the country has her eyes set on the prince, it will be impossible for America’s name to be drawn. But on national television, America Singer is now a household name. She must compete against 35 other girls to win the heart of the prince and the crown.

Review: This book is so amazing! I fell in love with the series right from the start. I love the setting in the future, especially when the characters discuss about the country’s past which will be our future. (I can totally see those events unfolding sometime later on.) I really love the plot of the story and how the characters start to grow and evolve. America really changes throughout the book and I love seeing her views change in everything she sees. Hands down this (in my opinion) is the best book I have ever read.

More: If you are a Selection fan, Kiera Cass has mentioned that Warner Bros had purchased the rights for making The Selection into a movie. If you want more of The Selection be sure to check out more books on the series. Have a great weekend!