Ash & Bramble

  Ash & Bramble: Pin, who was captured by the Godmother's footmen, had been a seamstress. She had lived in the conditions of the Godmother's fortress and now she wants out. Shoe has been a shoemaker for the Godmother as long as he could remember. He hasn't thought of breaking out of the fortress until... Continue Reading →


Hey, what's up guys. So you know that feeling when your waiting for your favorite book to become a movie? Then you watch it and pick out all it's flaws on how it's nothing like the book? Or you watch this like, AMAZING movie, and you haven't read the book and you're just too lazy to... Continue Reading →

Off the Page

  Off the Page: In this enticing novel, Delilah has been through thick and thin to get Oliver out of his story book and into the real world. Living under someone else's identity, Oliver finally gets to be with the girl he loves. But what happens to a story when its main character is missing?... Continue Reading →

The Selection

  The Selection: America Singer never wanted to be part of the Selection. She never wanted anything to do with the prince, she only had eyes for Aspen. Then after a fight, she decides to do what Aspen asks her, to put her name into the Selection. Every other girl in the country has her... Continue Reading →

The Siren

Update: It's almost here! Kiera Cass, author of The Selection series, wrote a new book that's supposed to come out on January 26th. Can't wait!

City of Bones

  City of Bones: Clary Fray is your normal American teen. That is until she witnesses something strange occur at the Pandemonium Club, then finds her home ransacked and her mother missing. After her meetings with Jace, she is pulled into the world of Shadowhunters. They are half angels sent to protect the mundanes from... Continue Reading →

About Me

Hello! I'm Icebreaker. As you can probably tell, I love to blog. It's almost been two years already since I've stared to blog and I'm continuing to make posts about all the things that I love. I mainly base them around YA books, manga, anime, games, or anything else of interest. Yet, I'm still growing my... Continue Reading →

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